A Reinterpretation of Classic Stoner Music

When searching around online for the best music to listen to while stoned, the results tend to be almost comically predictable; with the consensus split between hip hop staples like the aptly named Chronic album, and the earlier generation that favours psychedelic rock and has yet to grow tired of Bob Marley.

I don’t judge people for making obvious choices, just as I don’t have a problem with people putting ketchup on things you’re apparently not supposed to put ketchup on. These things become staples for a reason. Irrespective of personal taste, there are inarguably elements of this well-worn music that do naturally pair well with weed- the way wine does with cheese, or the way whiskey does with arguments.

These same sensibilities were no lost on a new generation of producers, who show signs of having been stoned while leafing through their father’s record collections. With this same inclination towards appropriated nostalgia, this selection of modern music shares a spirit animal with the best weed jams of yesteryear.