Build Cannabis Website
How to Make Your Cannabis Dream a Reality

If you’re not prepared to invest in a website that has the necessary and adequate tools build a cannabis website you will fail. The assumption that selling weed online is breezy is simply wrong.

The digital realm for the cannabis space is much more confined and particular than other industries, but the flipside of it has enormous potential. You should be hyper vigilant in understanding all that is needed to build a cannabis website and importance of continually optimizing it you should be certain to avoid these death traps. Let's cover the potential pitfalls.



Great you have a website! Unfortunately, no one can find it :/ It can’t be stressed enough that you must implement a dedicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program to ensure your visibility.

SEO consist in two parts for the most part: Onsite and Offsite. You’re onsite consists of good housekeeping on your website. Your content should be of true value to your visitors and generated regularly. All your headline tags, meta descriptions, keywords must be properly written. Your images should have the right description and keywords associated with any accompanying copy.

The provisions of maintaining this are vast. Google Search Console is a dashboard that helps you interpret your analytics which we'll have a peak next

Not Understanding Your Website Visitors Data

You can install Google Analytics (GA) on any website by inserting a script into the footer code of the page you wish to track. Once installed it provides details on page views, unique visitor, which sites directed users to you as well as demographics of your visiting audience.

Google Search Console is a robust tool that helps you really understand your data so you can constantly focus on improvement and not fail.


Crappy User Experience! (UX)

When someone lands on your site you want the whole experience to be intuitive and pain-free for them. If you give them a chance to be confused even for a second they will be outta there stat.

Something as simple as an easy to use main navigation menu will help users direct them to what they are looking for. Having clear calls to action, healthy negative space, icons, and buttons that help users find their way around will help avoid failure.

The idea is to create a dummy proof environment.

Shitty Pictures

Pictures that look like shit are never appealing. It suggests a level of carelessness and unprofessionalism. With today's technology, this is easily avoidable. Your phone’s camera will do the job.

Though of course, it is wise to compress images for site performance don’t do it to the point that images lose their resolution and become pixelated.


Choosing the Wrong Platform

They are many options for an e-commerce business. For a cannabis business, you don’t have the same variety of options. You may try your luck on popular platforms like Shopify, but you must operate within their terms and conditions which may conflict with your cannabis business model.

You could also put something together on WordPress, but depending on the needs of your site you will most likely encounter some limitations.

Then, of course, there’s that Bloomkit platform - ya know the one you’re on right now. Our platform was built completely for the cannabis business. So yeah, we are the best option because the modules that we’ve developed completely for the cannabis industry

BloomKit's Modules for Cannabis (the right kind of platform)

Doctor Patient

If you’re servicing the recreational market you need to be able to put your patients in touch with a qualified professional who can assist them. You’ve also need to make sure your site is HIPPA compliant to ensure patient data is not compromised.

Payment Module

Payment processing is one of the biggest challenges in the cannabis space. Our integrated payment gateway is the solution to that challenge. Customers can pay painlessly once approved and registered on our Bloomkit.

Delivery Module

Shipping options are sparse for cannabis products. Finding a service that will integrate into your site is barely possible. Fortunately, we are well aware of this dilemma so we’ve tuned up shipping module that will have your products heading out the door swiftly.

SEE MORE awesome tools



Garbage Homepage

When someone arrives on your site they have to be welcomed and encouraged to stay. Simply having a clean layout that tells visitors what the function of your business is the best way to not have them bounce away.

As mentioned earlier, Calls to Actions are essential and once you have them in your environment you want them to react swiftly. It can be a slippery slope mind you.

If you bombard them with pop-ups and get a little too much in their face you will turn them off and off they go. The name of the game is conversion and better the landing page the better the conversion.


Not Mobile Friendly

Having a site that is not responsive is not wise. Most browsing occurs through mobile devices these days so it’s very important that site loads and works all nice and pretty on phones and tablets.

Having a mobile unfriendly website will also affect your Google site score which ultimately affects your page rank. If your site is not responsive you will aggravate visitors and your cannabis business will fail.

Poor Customer Service

You must be able to attract new customers and keep the ones you have. Having outlets for users to vent is key. If you leave them stranded and frustration they will never return and be sure to tell others of their bad experience.

You must respond with expedience so visitors know the shop is open and someone is their to assist.

You don’t want to get bombed on by the Reddit Army - they’re no joke.


The Takeaway

Failure can be avoided, but it’s important to plan ahead and be realistic. If you have questions concerning the launch of your cannabis business contact us and we’re happy to give you our input.

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