GUIDE | How to Sell a Millions
Worth of Weed in a Month.

This guide will be a series of posts that are going to show you how to sell ONE MILLION dollars worth of weed in one month.

We consider this first post a foundation while the series that follows will be a collection of strategies and cannabis entrepreneurship case studies and tips.

The green rush is happening right NOW and the new millionaire is being born overnight. Do you want to be one of them?

Here at BloomKit, we're here to assist the creative, the driven, and the motivated in building new empires with a collection of tool to assist them. In addition, we are working tirelessly to build a community of like-minded people. These people are the types to seize the day, not let their time be wasted, and they showcase our industry in the best possible light. You will be able to converse and collaborate with a community that is just as motivated as you.

Let’s start off by quickly stating the obvious: The Cannabis Revolution will be held online.

This is not a guess or a prediction. This is a proven fact. If we look at the laws that are being governed in states like Colorado or countries like Canada, the tobacco laws are going to be closely followed. That means, no TV advertisements, no billboards, no magazine advertisements, no bus stop billboards, you name it, traditional push tactic advertising is rejected but that is honestly great news for the cannabis entrepreneur.

To come to a quick initial conclusion, “YES” we have to be creatives in finding new ways to market our companies to ensure our success. If you're not creative you might be doing business in the wrong industry. If you're born in the 80s and onward you already have an upper hand on the suites because you're most likely a lot more computer savvy and online eCommerce is the path to success. Online marketing is changing at a rapid pace and our goal is to be at the forefront of new technologies that understand that constraints we, Marijuana Entrepreneurs, are up against.

You can't do this yourself, make sure your team has the same hustle you do - it cannot be taught.

The investment community has it right, they always put a ton of emphasis on the team. This is a requirement for a reason. So, you as a leader needs to pick your team with as much diligence as someone that was investing their personal hard earned money.

In the cannabis industry, you need to deal with a broad spectrum of skills sets where personalities do not necessarily mesh but your job as a leader is to allow them to see the bigger picture through your eyes so that they can buy into your vision.

All that being said, you can't change or teach hustle. You either have it or you don't. Do you love work or does it seem like a task? You're only as strong as your weakest link.

If you have someone that drags their ass, it’s not about their work ethic, it's that everyone else around them now has an excuse to drop to that level of work ethic. You’ll start to hear complaints like “that person is getting paid as much as me or maybe more, so why should I do more?”. It might not happen overnight but we guarantee it will become an issue.

Slacking is not as apparent in the office as it when 5 guys are on the basketball court. Make sure you can identify the personality traits that make for a hardworking individual before you hire anyone. Don't be in a rush to fill the gaps, you're better off holding out and finding the right team.

Brand loyalty - The Cannabis consumer currently does not give a F*ck so make them care!

Today, the idea of brand loyalty does not exist in most cannabis markets.

If we look back at what have become the biggest successes in any industry before cannabis, it's branded. So, let's not kid ourselves here, we need to up our game in this department and seize the day.

Having a logo does not mean you have created a brand. This is the biggest misconception in any industry. Today the cannabis industry in over-crowded with products that have a logo on a package with product inside. For many today it will work because the industry is in infancy. However, if we keep going down this path it is going to be a commodities race to the bottom.

With smaller and smaller margins every step of the way. If you’re putting all your effort into other aspects of our business please take a minute to actually build a brand people care about. Something they are proud to represent and something they want to share with their friends and family! It will help your business 100 fold in years to come.

Stains matter - Don't be buying some bunk clones that nobody wants.

There are two sides to this story and both are extremely important.

#1) You need to make sure your buying strain that is going to “pop-off” in the coming months/years. We all know strains get hot and then they burn out. If you buy new clones and try to switch out your rooms it can easily be 6 months to a year, so make sure you do a little research before you make your purchase.

#2) The other side of the story is that all clones are not created equal. A proper clone has been chosen out of hundred and with that being said we have some strains that have been around for while:

OG 13, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, no matter what strain you're looking at choosing all clones are not equal, you must ensure that the person that your buy your strain from knows the quality of the genetics.

Your grow master - If this is you great! … but no rookies allowed, I don't care about your PHD.

Today, we hear so many people talking about a grower that has this Ph.D. that Ph.D., and that Ph.D. or is a collegiate doctor that has 10 years experience in botany. We’re sure they can add a lot of value in the years to come but there are also growers that have 2-+, 30+, and 40+ years of hands-on experience growing actual MARIJUANA.

If you don't want to make costly mistakes you might want to find one of these guys to bring onto your team or to have a close relationship with. If you're like most of us and you like to learn through hands-on practice, you’’ learn quite quickly what to do and more importantly what not to do when it comes to the art of growing and selling cannabis.

Please understand that these growers are extremely passionate about what they do. They have taken on years and year of risk while doing so, they take a huge amount of pride in perfecting their craft. The majority of these guys/girls have been growing

Packaging - If it can't be seen, it can't be shared,
make your product public.

We need our customers to take the dirty ziplock bag of weed out of their bedside drawer and walk around the street with it. This is not an easy task. Cannabis marketers and branding specialists are more-or-less branding stinky lettuce.

Coming up with innovative ways to create word-of-mouth is what we as entrepreneurs are after at the core of all of the marketing efforts.

While many of us are thinking “share online, online, online, online…” the shocking truth is about 90% of product recommendation happen offline.

You must package the product to ensure people are proud to share it instead of ashamed of having it out in the open and wanting to keep it hidden for only them to see.

The weed vaporizer pens have made it easier for some brands to be seen but the pens themselves come with problems of their own. The hardware itself is all SO generic that it leaves one brand looking like another.

***Side note: by the way 95% or the hardware out there sucks so check reviews!****

In conclusion, we want YOU to really think about how you can present flowers in a package that will be shared with others at home, left out on the counter for people to view or as something compact that you can share with friends or family while out and about.

Our quest is not as simple as Budweiser, you see 50 other people drinking it at the bar, that, unfortunately, is not our dilemma. Soon though ;)

You need to tell a story - your content is your engine for marketing,
don't create sh*t you wouldn't even read.

From a more technical standpoint, what we are allowed to do in terms of marketing weed is called Inbound Marketing.

This can be defined as the combination of creating content, pushing it through channels like social media and ensuring everything we create is optimized for SEO. This strategy is great for marketers and new brands because it gives your a platform to lean on where you can tell your story in a whichever way you want - through stories and interviews or even video.

This becomes the engine for everything we do. The reality is that in this day and age there is a lot of really bad content on the World Wide Web and if you're one of the people creating, don't expect to see great results right away.

When you layout your band narrative make sure that it is engaging. Take the time to put time and effort into creating content that you yourself would read and watch. It’s not about hammering out a 500-word blog for the sake of it because it's Tuesday and your editorial calendar tells you to do so.

In the world of cannabis, content is King. Would you be lazy when dealing with a real King?

Your best friend is Google so make sure you understand everything. Give yourself the best chance to rank as high as possible.

If you do things correctly the majority of your online visitors should come through SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”). Why? Today there are billions of search query happening and if you optimize your site for all of that search traffic then you’re going to get a boatload of incoming traffic!

The great thing about search is that that person is already looking for you. Stand out! Tell them you are there.

You need to make friends in this industry. The too-cool-for-school kid in the corner attitude will get you nowhere fast.

A lot of people still frown upon the whole industry and it may still feel like you're competing against all the other cannabis entrepreneurs but you’re really not.

Make a conscious effort to make alliances. Work together in gaining awareness about your business and help each other grow in terms of knowledge of the whole industry. We need smart people to come together and shed light on an industry that has been ridiculed with negative stigma for decades.

Be friends, not enemies and work together for mutual success. After all, those who truly care about bettering the industry’s well-being will prosper while those who only care about personal wealth will be left behind.

The #RedditArmy can kill your business. Dynamite customer service is a must.

Reddit is an extremely prolific and vocal community and one that you don't want to mess with unless you have all of your ducks in order. One bad review can be seen by 100s of potential customers.

It is almost a guarantee that and unhappy customer will go straight to Reddit and create a string with 100s of negative comments about your company for silly reasons like you cut a corner when dealing with a human error or you decide to tell someone to f*ck off who was legitimately an a**hole to one of your Live Chat representatives. It honestly does not matter what they say or does the ramifications can be too big of a blow.

We highly recommend you read Tony Hsieh’s book Delivering Happiness. There are some strategies in there that could save you in dire times. People are really passionate about their cannabis medicine, don’t piss them off!

You are an outcast! Mark Zuckerberg does not like you or even want you here so understand how to behave.

Two of the best social media platforms to market your product are Facebook and Instagram and both are owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Also, both don’t like marketing cannabis.

Our reality as weed marketers is that we’re simply not welcome to use we a few very relevant social media platforms. I mean, you can use them but it’s almost a guarantee that your account will be shut down after labouring on growing your community. Also, you can't use any of the paid tools to promote and even using the platforms organic algorithm will get you shut down if you don't behave properly.