The Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Are you ready to chase that Cannabis dream? Ready to start selling cannabis online?

Whether you are selling cannabis products or services, BloomKit is your only full eCommerce solution for the cannabis industry. It is suitable for cannabis brands, recreational dispensaries, medicinal dispensaries, online dispensaries, paraphernalia stores, and any other cannabis business that you can think of.

BloomKit is suitable for businesses of any size and caters to any geographical region where the responsible selling of cannabis can take place. Whether you are in Canada, the United States of America, England, Germany, Australia, Israel, or any other legal market, Cannabis is your one-stop shop for getting your business up and running in days.

What you Can Sell on BloomKit

To kick off our Beginner's Guide, let’s start with what you can sell on BloomKit. If it’s a physical cannabis product like extracts or flowers, drop ship products, or even cannabis services, you can sell on them on BloomKit.

If you already have an offline brick-and-mortar dispensary, you’re also able to merge and manage your entire sales, inventory, customer management, employee timesheet, and product delivery systems in one location with BloomKit’s Point of Sale System (POS). It is robust and ready to make your life easier.

It just got way easier to join the fastest growing sector in the world. New fortunes will soon be made on incredible ideas. Reach out today to learn more!