Incredibly Effective Cannabis POS Software

Drum roll please… we are beyond excited to finally, after two years(!) of development, be able to introduce BloomKit POS.

BloomKit is excited to announce our POS Software for marijuana companies. BloomKit POS is a brand new, cannabis specific, fully integrated point of sale system that allows any business owner to bridge the gap between their newly hosted BloomKit website and offline retail location(s). If you have more than one dispensary, our POS software will save you SO many headaches and time wasted.

BloomKit POS has the functionality to deliver in-store and online inventory synchronization, in-store and online order synchronization, employee time sheet synchronization, and detailed reporting. All of this coming in an easy-to-use, gorgeous backend that you can take with you anywhere you go.

Let’s take a quick look at how dispensaries can start selling a lot more with BloomKit POS.

Manage Your Entire Cannabis Business from One Dashboard

BloomKit POS lets you seamlessly manage all aspects of your business from one gorgeous dashboard.

You can do everything from manage your employee’s hours to update inventory and add products and the best thing is that it’s instantly updated across the board. Not to mention, you can set specific responsibilities to different products. For example, if you only have Bubba Kush in Dispensary 1 and not Dispensary 2, that inventory is only available to the specific location while still being housed under one inventory umbrella - creating an organized, seamless integration between selling online and selling in-store.

To further elaborate, BloomKit POS instantly syncs data with your BloomKit dashboard and makes it available on any of your devices. Our POS system allows in-store employees, online store managers, and delivery drivers to have an updated system at all times. We update your inventory, orders and customers in real-time so that you don’t have to.

Have Confidence in Knowing Your Data is Safe

Protection of Patient Data, secured transactions to protect data, confidential database management of overall vendor and producer activities, and 2-step verification for users (employees) and their members are all aspects that we have integrated into our online dashboard. This means that your POS Software will be a secure fortress.