How to Market Your Cannabis Business Using Inbound Marketing Strategies

Marketing can be particularly challenging for businesses in the cannabis industry. You need to generate leads in order for your business to succeed, but the truth is that this industry is often not treated fairly in regards to advertising. Despite the fact that cannabis is legal for medical purposes in 33 states, it’s not yet legal on the federal level. This creates some serious friction when trying to create a marketing plan because many avenues are simply off-limits to cannabis businesses. However, in most cases, inbound marketing is wide open for you to take advantage of, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today.

Why use inbound marketing?

We’ve already talked about how traditional marketing methods are often times off-limits to cannabis businesses. This is both from a regulatory standpoint and the fact that many advertising networks simply refuse to work with the cannabis industry at all. The good news though is that inbound marketing doesn’t require approval from either of these parties for the most part. It’s also far superior in converting leads in many cases. Most consumers are now ad blind to traditional banner advertisements and contextual ads. Not to mention that many of them are also using ad blockers so they might not even see your ads anyway! This doesn’t matter to inbound marketing strategies. In fact, if done correctly, consumers will want to see your marketing, because inbound strategies focus on helping consumers with their problems.

How do you use inbound marketing effectively?

>Create a content marketing strategy

The first step to your inbound marketing strategy should be creating a content schedule. Think about the kind of customers that you want to attract and then start writing about things that would interest them. Content marketing is effective because it often solves a consumer’s problems. For example, they might be searching for the best cannabis strains for their needs. Or, they might want to know how to use certain cannabis products to manage their anxiety. In either case, you can provide the expert advice that they need. If you have a relevant offering that can help, then you would, of course, pepper links to your products in the article. This leads to increased conversions for you, and it also establishes you as an authority in the cannabis space. Inbound marketing is about more than just getting a sale. It’s about establishing lasting relationships with your customers.