We have developed custom themes for all cannabis businesses. Whether it is a brand, dispensary, medical or recreational, we have themes that are designed to meet the needs of your website. We have targeted and selected top level designers who understand cannabis culture and the challenges it faces so that you and your business are presented in the best light.

Your Brand

Every template comes with its own intuitive settings allowing quick and easy customization for every facet of your brand. Your brand, your way quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Ready

Mobile has become a huge part of how the world now uses the internet and purchases products. All aspects of BloomKit’s platform are optimised for mobile use supported by smart and responsive design.

User Experience

With our platform, you pick how your brand will feel. The way something looks is only a small aspect of the whole user experience and we have invested heavily in understanding this requirement to ensure your customers have a great experience while visiting your store.


Inventory Management

Cannabis has a unique set of inventory management constraints in addition to time sensitivity traits. After all, it is a perishable product. Track ounces, grammes and utilise our metric converter to do quick math and keep your inventory accurate, fresh and products in stock to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Synched Inventory

Whether your inventory is being presented in-store or online, all your sold items or those that are temporarily in a customer’s saved cart are updated on all platforms.

Product Variations

The metric measurements of cannabis products are inherent to the industry. Grams, quarters ounces, and milligrams are commonly used product weight variations. We have all of these covered on any product to increase your cart size and drive more sales to your business.

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid

In the cannabis industry, a user feels strongly about the history and lineage of their favourite strains and the different effect one feels. Whether they are an Indica person or a Sativa person, we make it easy to separate any category with flowers or extracts.

Product Organization

All products have universal tags when uploading them into your store. This gives you the ability to manage your products with ease and track them accordingly. This is essential if you want to understand your customers’ demands and new emerging trends.


Set custom filters so you can see the exact product criteria you are looking for.


A simple search makes short work of finding a specific product or brand. Search with filters makes finding anything quick and easy.


SEO Search Engine Optimization

For many of us search is an essential component of the marketing mix. A critical factor in success is to ensure your site is seen. There are a variety of measures you can take that BloomKit’s tools provide to get your page rank and searchability up. BloomKit supports SEO best practices like customizable H1, title, and meta tags which are favorable for indexing your site.

Local Marketing

Syndicate all your business listings and implement regional marketing campaigns to win over your local customers.

Invite Friends

Once you build trust with your customers there’s nothing stronger than a friend’s referral. BloomKit allows you to set up a discount for first purchase and offer a credit for the user that referred their friends.


Telling your story is one of the main ingredients to your success. A strong narrative can help develop your brand and create raving fans. Content is king and supplying your audience with content on a regular basis pays dividends.

Newsletter Integration

Keep your community engaged and coming back for more. A newsletter is an easy way to keep your community updated, announce promotions and showcase new products you’re offering.

Landing Pages

Sending users to a central landing page gives them a bird’s eye view of your brand’s highlights and keeps visitors on your page. This increases chances of converting that visitor into a paying customer.

SMS Text

No form of contact is more intimate to your customer than their phone number. Get instant responses and high conversion rates by shooting them a text. We’ll fill you in on the do’s and don’ts of SMS text regulations so that the right message gets to the right person at the right time.

Push Notifications

Get your customer’s attention with subtle reminders and announcements. It’s an easy way to quickly inform your online store visitors.

Social Media Integration

Share your message on your social media channels with ease and increase your engagements rates with your audience.

Loyalty Program

Giving your customers a reason to stick with you is necessary for any competitive space. Simplified tools help create a loyalty system that works for you and your customers.

Coupon Codes

Offer specials to select customers, set an expiry date or offer a promo to a new audience.

Influencer Tracking

Empower your customer’s voices and utilize it as a trusted source for other customers and new visitors to your site. Apply tracking codes to influential customers so you can measure engagement, refine other user’s experience, and build an army of brand ambassadors.

User Approval


We have created a custom on-boarding process for medical patients. This customized module enables them to share the required documentation with you in a secure and seamless process.


In the recreational market, all customers must be of age and those regulations are hyper local. This means that the user needs to be verified through a valid piece of government-issued photo ID. We’ve built an approval module that allows the user to upload their ID and then have it be seamlessly applied to their internal (and secure) customer profile.

Identify Product Interest

Knowing your customer’s wants gives you insight into how you can show them the right products at the right time. Our tools help you stay on top of that so can retain that customer base you have worked so hard to grow.

Ailment Identification

The medical market has unique needs. Know your patient’s ailments so you can offer products that address their specific needs. Position your store as an area of refuge from discomfort to create loyal and satisfied customers

2-Step Verification

Have the piece of mind knowing you’re offering and selling products to a verified customer. We use a 2-Step Verification process by email, text or call verification to ensure you are dealing with a real qualified customer.

Automated Emails

Send automated emails upon sign-up, membership completion and keep tabs on the current status of new or potential customer.


A/B testing your sign up process with different messages and image combinations is most effective. Ultimately this tool helps refine your sign up process and increase new customer sign-ups.


Third Party Delivery

Offer your customer multiple convenience options for getting their products delivered. Car and bicycle couriers and independent delivery services that deliver cannabis. All accessible seamlessly with BloomKit.

Inventory on Demand

Assign inventory to specific stores or delivery services so you can rotate your inventory and ensure customers get what they want while it’s fresh.

Driver Commissions

Independent couriers can earn commission for delivering for BloomKit. If that’s you and you’re interested contact us to see if you qualify for our Preferred Delivery Agent Program

POS On Delivery

Your customers can pay before or when their order arrives. We offer multiple payment options to ensure your customer gets their product and you recieve your payment.

Hour Tracker

Know exactly where your outgoing orders are once they have been picked up. Your customer will also have access to this information so they know when to expect their delivery.

Map Integration

Set areas of coverage or apply zones to regions in which you offer deliveries.


Global Redundancy

With servers located in California, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Sydney, we are able to load balance and protect against single points of failure. With the global politics of the cannabis industry ever evolving this makes us resilient to not only technical difficulty but changing laws.

Full SSL Encryption

Using “Let’s Encrypt” we’re able to offer all websites full SSL encryption, this means you’re protecting your client information from sign up to check out.

Encrypted Customer Data

Any sensitive customer data stored in the database whether it be required health numbers or identification cards, is encrypted using keys specific to the vendor. No client information will ever be shared with 3rd parties, and data stored on our servers is secure.

Third Party Services

We integrate with 3rd party services as “Plugins” sharing limited information about a transaction or shipment per your settings. We only integrate with secure and well-established services, no incoming access is granted.


Trend Monitoring

Combining ongoing sales activity and voice-of-the-consumer-data helps keep our vendors in touch with their customers’ needs and gives them insight into how to best manage and grow their business.

Predictive Analytics

With the framework to capture and analyze user behavior, we are able to apply machine learning to better predict what customers want and help our vendors stay one step ahead of the competition.

Sales Enhancements

Presenting the right product to the right customer at the right time is equal parts science and art, we look to mix product recommendations with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities at touch points on-site (online and in-store) and post-purchase (via retention tools).

A/B/MVT Testing

Controlled experiments are at the core of our optimization program and help guide improvements made throughout the purchase journey from acquisition to repeat sales to increase customer lifetime value


No two customers are the same and neither is their way of shopping, we use segmentation based on customer attributes, behavior, and products to continuously improve user experience so that your site becomes as unique as your clients.