How To Sell Cannabis Online
40 Essential Steps

There are a plethora of factors to consider when taking your cannabis business online. This list focuses on the pertinent modules and resources your website should have furnished. Let's dive into how to sell cannabis online.



Part of Google’s pagerank algorithm accounts for mobile speed and more and more users are browsing through mobile devices than desktops.It’s very important that your site is responsive.


Minimizing image size and css compression drastically affect site performance and load times.


Knowing the analytics which will give you insight into who’s visiting your site and further details is a must for optimizing your site



BUILDING A LIFESTYLE - You have to position your product in people’s mind. How does your cannabis product fit into their lifestyle? Your brand should convey feel if you want to successfully sell cannabis online.


Reinforce what your message is. Do you want to be all about small batch and limited offerings? What do you believe is your brand’s purpose? Of course you want to sell product, but you’ve got to inject your story into the overall presentation


Who are you selling to? Does that audience fit with the lifestyle you want to convey and does your narrative resonate with that audience. It’s essential that you identify your audience from the jump because all the extremities of your business need to connect with them.


It’s great that so much of the cannabis business focuses on the product, but if you can’t present it properly you’re missing out on a opportunity to build brand preference and equity. You may have something in mind or have a scribble on a napkin, but a name or logo is just portion of design. There are affordable ways to hatch out your design with sites like 99Designs, Upwork or if you’re in the market for something more all encompassing you may want to contact an agency that is familiar with the cannabis space.



Having a variety of flowers gets your visitors perusing through your site and encourages them to hang around a bit and get familiar with your product offerings. Having a good understanding on popular and new strains gives your potential customers confidence in you as cannabis connoisseur.


The process of extracting cannabis into other products is becoming more and more technical and ultimately better. New types of cannabis products are emerging and hot sellers and are opening new markets from people who want to enjoy the benefit so cannabis without smoking weed. Capsules, shatter, budder, creams, oils and many more open up whole new sales opportunity.


They're here to stay and these smoking apparatus are a lot more sophisticated than the vapen pens billowing Cotton Candy plumes. The coils and battery life of such devices really have improved and you can get a good haul of them. It’s one a few reasons making this convenient cannabis consumption device and for those reasons they are important to have offered on your site for new customers and current fans of pens.


Don’t put shitty images on your site. The fine details of a strain might get missed with a less than great camera. You may want to purchase a lightbox or get familiar with Adobe Lightroom if you’re handling images internally.


Providing as much information of the flowers such as source, CBD/THC content and Terpenes profile gains trust and authenticity.



Keeping user information secure must be a priority. If you want to sell cannabis online, the last thing you want to have your site associated with is a security breach that has compromised user information. You can gain strong consumer confidence by providing the details of the security provisions your platform implores so they can navigate through your site trouble free.


If you want to accept money on your website you will need a payment gateway which will allow you to accept credit cards, debit cards and in some cases Bitcoin depending on your gateway of choice. You must understand how to sell cannabis online the right way. It’s highly recommended that you find the right gateway that aligns with your shops requirements.


If you have a look at the address bar on your browser you’ll notice either a “http://…” or “https://…”. The “s” in the latter reference indicates that the site has an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) and acts as padlock to the cryptographic key that encrypts your site’s information with your browser. At the very least you should make sure your site has SSL certificate.


Your host should already have a firewall built into it and if they don’t choose another hosting provider.


It will be your responsibility to validate users on your website. You definitely want to make sure you’re selling to users of age or depending on your business that your user has the necessary documentation to purchase cannabis from your website. Requesting identification and making sure that said user is actually who they say they are is a measure you must take. A simple way


There’s several ways you can start and maintain the dialogue with new and existing customers. Depending on the types of cannabis products or services that you offer you should be able to select the right mix of communication mediums that best serve your audience


You can choose to make a new users telephone number a mandatory field. You must make sure that they are opting into agreeing that they may be reached by phone number through SMS before sending them a message. You can do this by including this in the terms and conditions. You must also give them the option to stop receiving messages each time you do send them a text.


It’s good practice to keep steady contact with your users. If you don’t they can easily forget about you. Sending out newsletters regularly is an easy way to keep the conversation going and helps engage your user base and is necessary to sell cannabis online. You must make sure they have opted into receiving newsletters and you must give them the option to unsubscribe as well.


Nothing is more frustrating than when a customer is trying to resolve an issue and they have no way of contacting a company. Make sure you have an email address visible on your site and more importantly make sure you are quick to respond to customer concerns.


When people can get quick answers they are delighted. Having live chat on your site shows you’re open for business and gives users confidence that there’s someone their for assistance if need be.


Wherever there’s an opportunity for you to encourage sharing on your site you ought to do so. It’s an easy way to spread the word


It’s all great to have your website, but you need to have an omnipresence online to ensure you intersect with your audience at every possible point.


Shipping can be a bit tricky when it comes to cannabis. Know the law and arm yourself with information so you don’t jeopardize your business and or get in trouble. Depending on your business


There are some networks popping up that do deliver cannabis in some forms. A quick local search will help you find the ones that do in your region
Depending on the type of products on your page you may be able to use regular mail and standard carriers to get your products to your customers.


Trend Monitoring

Combining ongoing sales activity and voice-of-the-consumer-data helps keep our vendors in touch with their customers’ needs and gives them insight into how to best manage and grow their business.

Predictive Analytics

With the framework to capture and analyze user behavior, we are able to apply machine learning to better predict what customers want and help our vendors stay one step ahead of the competition.

Sales Enhancements

Presenting the right product to the right customer at the right time is equal parts science and art, we look to mix product recommendations with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities at touch points on-site (online and in-store) and post-purchase (via retention tools).